Saturday, September 5, 2009

NT Screen & Vivid Dreams

So, the test on Thursday went better than I could have ever expected. They did a scan of the baby (the first one I have had done outside my vagina!) And, it hurt a little (they press down some) but it was amazing. The baby had its arms behind its head like it was just relaxing by the pool! lol So cute!! The tech said everything looked great and she let us hear the heartbeat. It was 162bpm. The doctor came in and told me that originally our chance of Down's was 1 out of 700 due to my age but based off of what he saw with the ultrasound that it went up to 1 out of 1300 (something like that). I then had to have blood drawn which is no biggie and then they actually gave me a present. It was a weekly planner. Very cool. I have to go for more blood work towards the end of this month and then October 26, 2009 I go back to them for a Level 2 scan which is when they will check the fingers and toes and lips. Can't wait!!! We got a perfect profile picture of the baby. You can see its nose and arms and legs and big belly! So cute!!

Side note: My morning sickness is starting to improve...not great but we are getting there. The newest symptom though is weird, vivid dreams? Does anyone or has anyone else had this before?
Oh yeah, and I know I keep promising to post pictures, but I will definitely try and make that our project for the weekend...I told you I have to have DH help!!! Happy Labor Day everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Duggars Strike Again!!!

I can't believe it!! They announced this morning that they are expecting Baby 19!!!!! WTH!!!! They are going to be grandparents next month and then parents again in March. That is my Baby Month!!! :0) I was floored by this; I don't know why, but it makes me so angry!!!

I haven't thrown up today!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!! (although I thought I might after hearing the Duggar news! =P) So far a good sign. I actually bought some maternity clothes yesterday. I tried on a pair of pants and started crying in the dressing room. I don't know what happened, I think it was just reality really setting in. My Mom just laughed and held me as the hormones took over! :0) I am really looking forward to seeing the baby again on Thursday. I will post after and let you all know how it went.