Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time Flies!

So, I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. Everything is pretty status quo. I am still having some morning sickness, which I have resigned to believe that I will have until this child comes out! :0) But, its okay. I have only gained a total of 9 pounds with this pregnancy (thank you for the sickness) and the doc says that I am right on schedule for weight gain. I really wouldn't care about the gain, but one of my best friends is getting married next June (just 3 short months after the baby is due) and I am the Maid of Honor and need to fit into my dress. :0) I have started to feel the baby move, which is incredible!!! The first few times the baby was hitting a nerve so it made me jolt. Very cute!!! DH and I have started looking at baby things. It was a bit overwhelming in Babies R' Us. How do I know what we need? Why is everything so expensive? Do I really need a car seat with air bags? :0) I am sure we will figure it out, one step at a time. I go for my 20 week scan Monday 10/26/09 where we can find out the sex, but we don't want to know. I was waivering a bit, but have stuck my ground we will definitely not find out until the little one comes. Other than that, everything else is good. I don't know what to do about work though. DH and I had always said that I would stay home after the baby was born (financially we could do it), but I am having a hard time deciding if I won't pull my hair out without having a day or two to myself. Is that being selfish? What time off am I entitled to anyway? UGH I am sure that I am making this harder than it is! :0)