Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let the Games Begin!!!!!!

It's official...I have started my IVF cycle!!!! DH and I went to the RE on Tuesday 5/26/09. The RE did an ultrasound and did some measurements. Apparently my uterus lining is 7 something (whatever that means). He then did a practice transfer. Holy Crap did that hurt. I squeezed DH's hand so hard that I thought I broke it. The RE said that everything looked great and that he managed to completely preserve the ovary on the left even though he removed the tube. God Bless Him!! :0) The practice transfer, although completely uncomfortable, did not last long at all. And, the way I figure it I would much prefer him to know what he needs exactly for the actual one and what he needs to do and for me to have a little pain than for him going in blindly. The nurse then taught us (DH & I) how to administer the Lupron shots. She had me do my first one there in the office. It really was nothing at all. I was so worked up over nothing. The only pain I had was some itchiness at the injection site that lasted all of 30 seconds after.

I currently do 10 units of Lupron at 6am every morning. Tuesday night I didn't sleep well at all. I was tossing and turning all night, but I think that was because I had been so worked up and was finally starting to relax, but yet think about everything that was happening. Last night I similar sleep. Not very good/solid sleep at all. And I woke up at 3am drenched in sweat. I am not complaining though. If this is the worst part, I'll take it. I am not irritable, however I have only done three shots! :0) I let DH do today's shot because I would like him to get used to giving them. This way he is prepared for when he HAS to do them. He was so cute. He was scared, just as scared as I had been the first time and he wanted to do it as quick as possible. We definitely have to work on that. Did I mention I was doing the shots in my belly? The nurse prefers it and I'll tell you, I really barely feel anything. So far so good. Round 1 going smooth!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Medicine Has Arrived!!!!!

Okay, so here it is ...all $2200 worth!! :0) There are bags of needles and syringes behind the boxes, but you guys get the idea. I still can't believe this is happening. I am quite frightened by the size of some of the needles, but one day at a time I suppose. DH and I go to the RE on Tuesday 5/26..the Lupron start date. I guess then that this is my last "free" weekend. And, what do I have planned but lounging around??!!?! LOL I am pretty excited. DH said something along the lines of how excited he was to be moving on to the next phase in our lives. That put a smile on my face.

One quick thing, we were invited to some BBQ's this weekend, you know Memorial Day and all, and I turned down the invitations. I just feel like there is not much going on in my life but this and it is all consuming. I don't want to drink and I feel like I have nothing to talk about but this cycle. Am I the only one who is alienating themselves during a cycle? I have to believe that this is normal. God, I sound so self-absorbed!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Checking In....

Hey Everyone!
Sorry I haven't been around in a bit. Let's see if I can get you caught up. I finally had my BCP's changed and they are much better. No more headaches or nausea. Thank God. My birthday was this past Monday so I spent most of the weekend celebrating. Don't worry...there was not too much alcohol involved. I am still on the nicotine patch..going strong...except for Saturday night. I faltered slightly due to too much alcohol, but successfully jumped back on the band wagon on Sunday. This year my birthday was amazing. I really wasn't looking forward to it, like I usually am, I mean c'mon my head is focusing on way too many other things right now. But, it actually was probably one of the best birthdays I have had in awhile. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. They made me feel so special and loved. I can't THANK them enough.

The big news was that I got a call yesterday from the RE's office from the finance dept. and they took a decent amount of $ off the bill. What a relief! And, today I spoke to the pharmacy and they will be letting me know how much I owe them after they contact the insurance company. I can't believe this is happening. They will be mailing out my medication the week of the 18th because I start my Lupron on 5/26. I can't believe it!!!!! I am so excited, scared, hopeful and anxious and every other emotion you can think of rolled into one!!! I just really want this to work. I want so very badly to be a Mom. Please Lord, be kind to us and help us with this one little request. We promise to be the best parents we possibly can be. We promise to love the little angels that you bless us with with every ounce of our being. Thank you!!!! I hope you are listening!!!