Thursday, January 21, 2010


Welcome all ICLW'ers!! My story is pretty straight forward (there is a time line on the right hand side). DH and I had been trying for over 2 years to get pregnant with no success. When we were tested for IF DH was diagnosed with azoospermia. He had the MESA procedure done and we found the swimmers!!! Before we started IVF I had the HSG done only to determine that one of my tubes was blocked!!! UGH!!! After my surgery we had to wait just about a month for recovery and then it was onto IVF. We were blessed to have it work the first time and although one of my two blastocysts that were implanted split into two and we thought for a short time we were going to have triplets, only one survived (our tiny miracle) who is due on March 4, 2010 via a C-Section. We do not know the sex of the baby, although DH swears it will be a girl (I think because he would love to have a son! :0) But we will just have to wait to find out.

I have been also blessed, it seems, to experience every symptom/side effect of pregnancy. I had extremely bad morning sickness and was on medicine for almost all of my pregnancy. Actually until just recently. I was hospitalized with kidney stones, have heartburn (as soon as I am ready to go to bed :0)) And now I am experiencing high blood pressure which has caused me to be placed on half day bed rest. I am officially done working and out on disability. All of my blood work came back fine (THANK GOD!) and my 24 hour urine collection test (not fun btw) checking my protein levels also came back good. However, my blood pressure keeps roller coastering. i.e. yesterday morning it was 154/97 however this morning it was 131/83. They are hoping that with the bed rest it will keep under control. I am just Thankful that it is not preeclampsia. According to my OB, blood pressure starts to rise around 34 weeks so for me (which is next week) they are really going to monitor it and if it gets out of control anymore they will either medicate me or arrange to do the C-Section earlier.

To all the ICLW participants: Welcome!!! I look forward to meeting all of you and Thank You in advance for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. DH and I went on our tour of the hospital which was fun. And there was one other woman in our group who is having a c-section so the tour guide was nice enough to explain to both of us in detail what to expect. I was very thankful for that. I still can't believe that this is happening so soon. 50 days and counting!!!!

Now most of you are wondering about my title for this post. Well, they are testing me for preeclampsia. I have been going to my reg Dr. once a week for my back ever since my kidney stone. He performs slight adjustments and stretches to keep the back pain at a min. I had mentioned to him one of the weeks awhile back that my blood pressure was high that day at the OB so he started monitoring it as well. Well, this past Monday when I was with my reg Dr. (it is the week I don't go to the OB) he checked my pressure and it was way too high for his liking. (142/90) He did an urine sample to check for protein and it appears I have trace protein in my urine as well. (another sign of preeclampsia). He wanted me to call the OB first thing in the morning as he felt I should go to them sooner than next week. Of course, he was right. They wanted to see me right away.

So, here is the deal....I am home today from work as I need to collect my urine for a full 24 hours and then take it to the lab. The OB says that when you do the quick sampling in the office the amount of protein can be skewed if I have had any water right before (which I did in both cases) their office and my reg doc the night before. In both cases it was just traces of protein which is a good sign, but my blood pressure is still relatively high. I was told to buy a blood pressure machine and take my pressure twice a day for the next two days. I then have to call in my numbers. I also went for blood work yesterday as they want to see what is going on with my kidneys I believe. I had been having a lot of swelling (in fact I have removed my wedding rings and replaced them with crappy rings from Kohls as they were way too tight and cutting off circulation). Apparently the heavy swelling is also another symptom. UGH!! Anyways, now we sit and wait and try to relax. Relax, yeah right!!!

I am furious which is of course not helping my blood pressure. All I wanted to do was get pregnant and be a Mom and I feel like it has been nothing but craziness this whole pregnancy. I was sick as a dog, heartburn, kidney stones, back pain, and now this??? I know that I should be happy to just be able to experience this but c'mon! I just want something to go smoothly. Of course my hormones are out of control as well and I can fall off the wagon very quickly with my attitude. DH and I have been at each other's throats, well mainly me picking a fight with him. This is his very busy time at work and he has been coming home no earlier than 10pm every night and I am angry. I want him to be here with me keeping me calm and he can't be. And, I know that with this economy I should just be happy that he is working and has a stable and safe job but I am selfish and I need him. He is my rock. He makes me laugh and smile and feel like we can do anything together. And when he is not here and I am living in my own head, no good comes from it. I over analyze and panic. Not a good combination for a girl who is trying to keep her nerves at bay.

Anyways, I did my pressure this morning and it was 131/87. And I have come to the conclusion that I don't drink enough during the day as my urine jug should have more in it by now. But, who am I, what do I know?

As soon as I know what is going on I will post...who knows, maybe my little one will be here before originally planned!