Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Shower!

This past weekend was my Baby Shower! My Mom threw it for me and it was perfect. I am so Thankful and Blessed to have such wonderful Family and Friends. I was able to get all of my big ticket items i.e. pack n'play's, stroller, 2 car seats, swing and loads of cute little clothes and towels and diapers, etc. One thing my baby will have is plenty of outfits to wear on St. Patrick's Day! :0) I will definitely have to post pics. Instead of a wishing well, they had a book case fully decorated for the baby and everyone was asked to bring a book and write words of wisdom to me & DH / the baby. What a great idea!!! We now have loads of books and it was so much fun reading through the sweet thoughts from our dearest friends and family which will certainly be treasured forever. I cried hard core twice during the shower. Damn hormones!!! I don't know really what happened, but I was opening a gift that had these adorable booties on the outside of the box and I lost it. I just still can't believe that this is happening. I have only Just Wanted to Be a Mom and its REALLY HAPPENING!!! This is crazy. I am so happy and eager to meet my little miracle but also scared as Hell!! :0) I know its selfish, but I am mostly worried about the pain from the C-Section. Other than that I just can't wait to know if its a boy or girl and get on with the next stage.

At my OB appt last week they found some more protein in my urine and sent me for another 24 collection. I am really becoming quite the pro! Anyways, I have my next appt tomorrow and will get the results then. Tomorrow is also the 28 day count down!!! Can you believe it? Only 4 weeks til our little one will be with us. I think I will definitely miss the feeling of my baby inside of me. Something that we share..just the two of us...but I know DH is dying to hold the baby and I know that we are both anxious to see their beautiful face!!! Hope all is well with everyone and its was so nice to meet some new people during ICLW and to have some new followers. I will try not to let you down and keep our story going. Fingers crossed my test went well and tomorrow the Dr. will tell me we are still on par for March 4, 2010.


Kerry said...

Good luck! :)

Crazy Mom said...

Melissa, Don't panic about the pain from the c-section. What you work up in your head is wayyyyyy worse than the actual ordeal. Plus, with a new baby in your arms, the pain seems to diminish. Good luck!